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How media savvy are you?

Test yourself by answering  true  or  false  to the following statements:

True False
You should never talk to a journalist 'off the record'
Journalists are usually happy for the person they are interviewing to see the story before it goes to print
Once I have given a journalist a media release I should phone them up and ask if they are going to use it
It's okay to expect a journalist to fit in with my schedule
If a journalist makes a mistake, they should be told about it
If a journalist wants a picture to go with a story,
they will ask for one
If a journalist is asking difficult questions,
say 'no comment'
The purpose of a journalist interviewing me is for them to get my side of the story
I know what a key message is and can give an example from my organization/business
It's best to only have one key message per interview

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