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When all other means of communication fail, try words. - Anonymous

Promoting your product and protecting your image:

Product launches

Public relations is a great way to launch new products at a cost effective return on your investment. Putting out a media release is only scratching the surface. We can help you out launch your product in a way that gains the attention of your audience, and save money that will be needed later on in the product life cycle for advertisements.

We help you identify whom to target with your information and the best way to reach them.

We can develop co-ordinated public relations plans and provide implementation to the degree you require. Many clients who come to us for “hit and run” PR end up staying and reap the benefits of sustained PR establishing long lasting momentum and company credibility.

We value your privacy. Client confidentiality and commercial sensitivity is also important to us.

Media Relations

Media relations involves using our experience and contacts to get you and your message in front of the media. We can write your media releases in professionally appropriate formats and make sure they get to the right people via traditional and social media channels.

After working with Tactic Communications, willing clients have gone from being publicity averse to confident in a few short months of applying the techniques and training provided. Using publicity pull factors, previously 'invisible' clients have found journalists ringing them with interview requests.

Media Training

When your opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare*. Don’t be caught off guard with media interest. Book in for one of Tactic Communications media training workshops or personalized sessions for executives appointed to roles with potential for media liaison. We were on the other side once ourselves. We recognize different personalities and can give you the tools you are most comfortable using. Workshop topics include newsroom insights, how to meet the requirements of different media, interview technique and developing a company-wide PR policy.

Market Research and Stakeholder Consultation:

Ignorance of changes in customer preference or a competitor's strength has caused the downfall of many companies.

Maintaining market intelligence helps sharpen your relevance to your customers. By doing this you can stay ahead of your competitors, economise your marketing spend and troubleshoot future strategic issues. Tactic Communications is research based. Allowing us to help you with market research will ensure that your company keeps its competitive edge in the current market.

Regular market surveys are a great tool to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. At Tactic Communications we have strengths in statistics that can help your company gain the edge through reporting on what’s important to your customers.

Tactic Communications has carried out focus groups, surveys, mystery shopping, competitor research, stakeholder consultation and industry group research.

Strategic Issues Management

We can spend time working with you mapping monthly business activity against a media litmus test so you are not ambushed by media.

Manage your issues before they become crises. It is important that as a company you take a proactive approach, have a strategic media plan already in place rather than having to be reactive when the news breaks. But then again, it is our job to help you at both ends of the spectrum.

*Credit where credit is due.  This famous quote is from US Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden.